Laid-Down Rear


This is the latest mounting for dirt bikes. It solves the uncomfortable "nudge" some taller riders get when they're far back on the bike and bump a vertically mounted transducer.

You will need a shorter 8" Travel Transducer (MSWA 62508). You can cut down a longer set or purchase a new one.

Convert to Vertical

When taking a test run you will be collecting "Laid-Down" data. This "Laid-Down" data is not "Vertical" Wheel Travel. When comparing front and rear data it is best to view "vertical" data. You have 3 choices. 1.) The preferred method is to collect and convert the data using a PDA. 2.) If you are using a Laptop PC you can convert the data using a Motion Ratio (MR) File or 3.) you can use the Laid-Down Data unconverted as a bottoming counter.

    1. PDA – Auto Convert (this is the best method)

If you are using a PDA it's easy. The Laid-Down data can be converted into Vertical automatically while downloading. This requires measuring the mounting arrangement of the Laid-Down Transducer with a tape measure and inputting it into the PDA's Prefs (It's easier than it sounds). See the PDA Help Guide. You can transfer the file into the PC for in-depth analysis if you like.

    2. Laptop PC – Convert to Vertical with "Apply MR"

You will need to create a Motion Ratio. A Motion Ratio is the relationship between the "Laid-Down" data and "Vertical". This is done by mounting two Transducers. One Laid-Down and one vertically on the rear axle. To see this in detail see Help 9 – Apply MR. Once you have the Motion Ratio, you can convert "Laid-Down" into "Vertical".

    3. Bottoming information only (unconverted)

If all you need is bottoming information you do not have to create a Motion Ratio file. You can use the data directly if you know how much the Transducer moves when the wheel is fully bottomed.

To get this:

  • Disassemble the shock and remove the bottom-out bumper.
  • Reassemble the shock (without the spring) and install it back on the bike.
  • Bottom the shock and measure the Laid-Down Transducer travel. This is the Maximum Available Travel.

05 RM 250

Mounting Examples:

05 RM 250

Pretty straight forward. Notice the long side panel bolt and the spacer on the inside.

04 CRF 450

A longer bolt but no spacer required.

04 KTM 525 SX

This one was a little tricky. We cut a small slot in the bottom of the number plate. A longer bolt and spacers were used just inside the top bracket.