G3-S Mounting Instructions


These are instructions for mounting the shock to the motorcycle. The shock has been preset for your weight, skill, and riding type.  The preset adjustments are listed on your Setup Sheet.

After mounting the shock please check the Sag. Click here for details.

Click here for General G3-S Instructions.

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1. Remove the stock shock absorber according to procedures outlined in your Suzuki service manual.

2. Remove the plastic mud guard that is attached to the swing arm this will ease installation.  Install G3-S through the left side of the motorcycle as shown.

3. Hydraulic line will face the rear of the motorcycle when installed and reservoir will mount to the left side of the bike.


4. With shock positioned correctly, install upper and lower shock and linkage bolts.  Torque bolts to factory specification.

5. Attach reservoir to left side frame rail behind the left side passenger peg as shown.  Use included stainless steel hose clamps and rubber pads.  Position the hose clamps as far apart as possible, place the rubber pads between the reservoir and frame rail in line with the hose clamps.  Tighten hose clamps so that the reservoir will not move under any riding circumstances.  After tightening, the ends of the hose clamps can be secured with a couple of small zip ties for a clean look.

6. Double check torque on all fasteners, make sure reservoir is securely attached and hydraulic line is free of any hindrance.  Set the sag to the recommended specification on your setup sheet. 

Have fun on your ride.

The shock is preset for you. Please check the sag before you ride.