G3-S Mounting Instructions

Yamaha FJR1300 2003-2005

These are instructions for mounting the shock to the motorcycle. The shock has been preset for your weight, skill, and riding type.  The preset adjustments are listed on your Setup Sheet.

After mounting the shock please check the Sag. Click here for details.

Click here for General G3-S Instructions.

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1.    Remove the stock shock absorber according to the procedures in the Yamaha service manual.

2.    With linkage arm dropped down as shown, feed the Remote Reservoir and Hydraulic Preload Adjuster through the bottom of the swing arm. The 90° fittings on the G3-S Shock Absorber will face the left side of the motorcycle.


3.    Once in place, push the upper shock bolt through the upper mount and torque to factory specifications. Repeat with lower shock mount bolt.


4.    Attach the lower linkage arm. Torque to factory specifications. 


5.    Remove back passenger Mounting Bracket Bolt. Replace with included 8×1.25 Allen Bolt.

6.    Thread the new Bolt in about half way, place the included Aluminum Spacer onto exposed portion of Bolt as shown.

7.    Install the Reservoir Bracket onto the exposed portion of the bolt.

8.    Thread the Bolt in exposing just enough threads to place the Washer and Nut in place.

9.    Torque Bolt to factory specifications. The Nut should still be loose at this time.

10.    Loctite the Bracket Nut and tighten, securing the Bracket and Reservoir. 


11.    Slide Preload Adjuster Bracket onto the Reservoir. Position approximately 6mm from the back of the Reservoir Cap. The flat part of the Bracket should face down as shown. Use the setscrew inside of the Bracket (center hole) locking it into position.

12.    Loctite the Preload Adjuster Bracket Bolts.


13.    Attach the Preload Adjuster Knob to the Reservoir Bracket as shown.

14.    Zip ty the two Hoses together. Install the body work and seat.

Have fun! Go Ride!

The shock is preset for you. Please check the sag before you ride.