DR650SE & KLR650

Gold Valve Shock Shaft Assemblies for the 2000-09 DR650SE and 1987-07 KLR650 get installed in the stock shock bodies. This makes hi-performance much less expensive.They add external Rebound Adjustment and include a ►Gold Valve.

The KLR650 Shock Shaft Assembly includes an IFP (internal floating piston) to upgrade and convert the stock emulsion design. The IFP separates the nitrogen and shock fluid to increase consistency and help prevent fade. ►More about shock types.

Both Shaft Assemblies allow lowering options. The Suzuki (shown above) has two clevis mounting bolt locations for you to choose from. The Kawasaki can be shortened, at no extra charge, when you place your order.

Shaft Assemblies Include:

  • Custom Valving Options
  • Rebound Adjustment
  • Gold Valve
  • Rebound Separator Valve
  • Converts the KLR Shock from Elumsion to Internal Floating Piston (IFP)
  • Billet Seal Head
  • Billet Shock Cap
  • 16mm Shock Shaft
  • RT Bottom-Out Bumper
  • Lowering Options

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Race Tech offers ►Hi-Performance Shock and Fork Springs, ►Cartridge Emulators, Ultra Slick Seals, Bushings and Suspension Oil for both models. ►Click here to view products available.

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