Sport vs Race Spring

SHOCK SPRING KITS – Sport vs. Race

Race Series and Sport Series is Race Tech terminology to describe two different setup styles. They both employ multiple springs for a progressive feel. Your choice depends on riding type and personal preference.

  • Sport Series (P200) – Sport Series refers to our preloaded setup. Sport Series puts the ride height close to stock. This is a dual spring setup. Typical applications for Sport Series include, but are not limited to, desert racing and recreational riding where maximum active travel and ground clearance are required.

  • Race Series (P300) – Race Series refers to our no-preload setup. Race Series allows the ATV to sit lower than stock without sacrificing wheel travel. Ride height is fully adjustable to compensate for various track conditions. This is most commonly a triple rate setup. Typical applications for the Race Series include, but are not limited to, motocross and cross-country racing where a low center-of-gravity and high cornering speed are required.

  • NOTE: Front and rear must match.  i.e. If you have Race Series on the front you must use it on the back as well.  If you are only changing one end – choose Sport.

  • Front Kits contain all necessary Springs and Hardware including an assortment of crossover rings for custom tuning where applicable. Instructions give a detailed explanation. Some Kits require disassembly of the shock or minor filing for installation.